Sunday, 24 July 2011

back 2 here

its been a long time no new post here..i forgot my psswds,whats the new story happen in my life in the past few months...the sadly things is i've already broke up with my baby,which is i'm very frust..i love her so much,but she left me..thiz is bcoz she know that i'm back with my xgf..but i'm doing that 4 a reason.n she know it..but she never want 2 forgive instead say i'l be happy with sme1 else..until now,i'm still want her..i'm cryin each time i c her picture in my lptop..i'm cryin each time i saw places that we always go together..i'm very miss her voice,i call her,but she never want 2 pick up it..luckly i have video with her,so i cn watch it when i miss her..

huh.why i keep talking about her..i have 2 forger her,right..??
back 2 me now..hahaha
i'm here in my campus after 2 months semester break..
i'm become a lazy person..wakaka..what happen 2 me already..??
wake up you...!!! its time 2 forcusing to study..
well,yeah..i'm in third semester good 2 be senior...
live my life with my gf..well,i love her so much..
so,y i'm still put my baby's picture here in the blog???bcoz thiz blog is belong to her..thiz is our story blog..n i will never delete thiz instead i'm have to..but i dont want to..

she will alwayz be my baby...

ok,that all for today..i've to go to class now..wish me always u guys who read thiz..